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Astral Codex Ten Podcast

Jan 29, 2020



Assortative mating is when similar people marry and have children. Some people worry about assortative mating in Silicon Valley: highly analytical tech workers marry other highly analytical tech workers. If highly analytical tech...

Jan 26, 2020


Little Soldiers is a book by Lenora Chu about the Chinese education system. I haven’t read it. This is a review of Dormin111’s review of Little Soldiers.

Dormin describes the “plot”: The author is a second-generation Chinese-American...

Jan 21, 2020


Thanks to the 8,043 people who took the 2020 Slate Star Codex survey.

See the questions for the SSC survey

See the results from the SSC Survey (click “see previous responses” on that page)

Some people expressed concern about privacy on the...

Jan 18, 2020



In 2006, Bryan Caplan wrote a critique of psychiatry. In 2015, I responded. Now it’s 2020, and Bryan has a counterargument. I’m going to break the cycle of delay and respond now, and maybe we’ll finish this argument before we’re...

Jan 16, 2020


Thanks to everyone who participated and/or voted in the 2019 Adversarial Collaboration Contest. And the winner is…

Adrian Liberman and Calvin Reese, for Does Calorie Restriction Slow Aging?.

An extraordinarily close second place...