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Astral Codex Ten Podcast

Jan 31, 2021

Glen Weyl posted a reply to my post criticizing his essay on technocracy, and kindly agreed to let me elevate it into a top-level post.

(consider this a standing offer to anyone else I write a post criticizing to do the same)

I’ve very slightly edited some parts to adjust for differences in how the code works. You can...

Jan 30, 2021



I am not defending technocracy.

Nobody ever defends technocracy. It's like "elitism" or "statism". There is no Statist Party. Nobody holds rallies demanding more statism. There is no Citizens for Statism Facebook page with thousands of likes and...

Jan 28, 2021


[reposted from here, with edits]


Taxometrics is the study of whether psychiatric conditions are categorical or dimensional.

Something is categorical if it neatly, objectively separates into different groups. For example, consider humans and...

Jan 26, 2021

In the 1950s, a shady outfit called Obetrol Pharmaceuticals made a popular over-the-counter diet pill called Obetrol. If you're familiar with any of: the 1950s, shady pharma, or diet pills, your next question will be "did it contain amphetamines?" and the answer is yes, loads of them. Obetrol was a mix of four...

Jan 25, 2021


Don't worry, there will be real posts next week.

Jan 22


First, thanks for following me to Substack.

I know some of you are skeptical. I was too at first, but Substack has gone above and beyond in allaying my concerns. They've let me test out a "no popup telling you to...