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Astral Codex Ten Podcast

Mar 26, 2021



What is willpower?

Five years ago, I reviewed Baumeister and Tierney's book on the subject. They tentatively concluded it's a way of rationing brain glucose. But their key results have failed to replicate, and people who know more about...

Mar 26, 2021

In yesterday's review of Antifragile, I tried to stick to something close to Taleb's own words. But here's how I eventually found myself understanding an important kind of antifragility.

I feel bad about this, because Taleb hates bell...

Mar 25, 2021


Nassim Taleb summarizes the thesis of Antifragile as:

Everything gains or loses from volatility. Fragility is what loses from volatility and uncertainty [and antifragility is what gains from it]. The glass on the table is short volatility.

The glass is...

Mar 24, 2021


[warning: boring inside baseball post]

From The HypothesisHere's Why Substack's Scam Worked So Well. It summarizes a common Twitter argument that Substack is doing something sinister by offering some writers big advances. The sinister...

Mar 20, 2021



If you only learn one thing from this post: it's pronounced "air-do-wan".

If you learn two things from this post, learn that, plus how a country which starts out as a flawed but somewhat-liberal democracy can lapse into near-dictatorship over the...