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Astral Codex Ten Podcast

Jan 20, 2022



If you’re like me, all you’ve heard about international health care systems is “America sucks and should feel bad, everyone else is probably fine or whatever”. Is there more we can learn?

Our guide to this question will be Which...

Jan 19, 2022



The story thus far: AI safety, which started as the hobbyhorse of a few weird transhumanists in the early 2000s, has grown into a medium-sized respectable field. OpenAI, the people responsible for GPT-3 and other marvels, have a safety team....

Jan 13, 2022

Last week I got married.

I met her two years ago, at one of (our mutual friend) Aella’s weird parties.
Not this one, a different one. I was at this one too though. It was great.

Our first date, we talked about Singapore’s child tax credits, which gave...

Jan 7, 2022

Lots of people thought I was being unfair to the movie. G. Retriever writes:

I TOTALLY disagree with your reading of the movie. To me it was a description of a social dynamic that makes even very straightforward problems impossible to focus on...

Jan 5, 2022


Don’t Look Up is primarily a movie about existential risk, and many great people have already reviewed it as such. I’m going to be less virtuous and use it as a springboard to talk about politics.

But first, the plot in a nutshell: Male Scientist and...