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Astral Codex Ten Podcast

Aug 25, 2021

Thanks to everyone who respond to my request for ACX outdoor meetup organizers. Volunteers have arranged meetups in 170 cities around the world, including beautiful Lusk, Wyoming (population: 1,526). You can see the full list here, and I’ll also have it below in case you can’t access the spreadsheet for some reason.

I’ll be trying to attend ~15 of the 170 meetups. Since I focused on the US last time, I’m going to focus on Europe this year (plus a few US cities on the way). My very preliminary itinerary (all dates in US month/day format) is:

Berkeley: Saturday 8/28, 1 PM
Sunday, 9/5, 5 PM
New York:
Monday, 9/6, 5 PM
Washington DC:
Saturday, 9/11, 5 PM
Saturday, 9/18, 5 PM
TBD (late September?)
TBD (late September?)
TBD (late September?)
TBD (early October?)
TBD (early October?)
TBD (early October?)
TBD (mid October?)
TBD (mid October?)
TBD (mid October?)
TBD (mid October?)

I don’t want to make confident predictions about how quickly I can travel through Europe, so I’ll post the rest of my schedule once I know more. If you gave me a schedule for the first five cities, I’ve unilaterally replaced it with what works for me, sorry. If you’re trying to organize a meetup for the TBD cities, sorry I’m making your life confusing right now. Also, if COVID or something else comes up, I might have to drop some cities from my list, in which case I’ll let you know and you can have a normal meetup at whatever time works for you.