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Astral Codex Ten Podcast

Jan 28, 2022

I’m experimenting with making this more structured this time, so:

Section I: Collection of comments on US health care
Section II: Drug pricing, and does the US subsidize the rest of the world?
Section III: Why are health economics so unlike other economics?
Section IV: Giant pile of comments by readers who live in different countries explaining their own countries’ health systems, and their experiences with them.


GummyBearDoc writes:

I want to push back on the assertion Scott made that "Certainly rich people in America get good health care." After he published this book in June 2020, Ezekiel Emmanuel published an article in JAMA IM (link: called "Comparing Health Outcomes of Privileged US Citizens With Those of Average Residents of Other Developed Countries." He wanted to test the commonly stated trope that a feature of the US healthcare system is that the rich here get the very best care in the world. To do that, he looked at outcomes across six benchmark diseases (heart attack, colon cancer, breast cancer, infant mortality, maternal mortality, and pediatric acute lymphocytic leukemia). He compared outcomes for white people in the 1% of richest counties in the US, 5% richest counties in the US, and average outcomes in 12 rich countries (i'm not going to type them all out but they're places like Australia, Canada, and Germany). The results were...not so great for rich Americans!