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Astral Codex Ten Podcast

Jun 27, 2021

Now that the book review contest is winding down, I want to start another big project: the ACX Reader Research Survey.

I used to do regular December surveys with questions I was interested in. Some people would ask me to include questions for their own research projects. I always declined, because if I said yes to everyone it would take a whole new survey to fit all the questions on. Eventually I realized I should actually just do the whole new survey, so this is that.

This blog has a lot of readers in in specific demographics, like:
- the tech industry
- science
- involved in meditation/drugs/biohacking
- with unusual genders/sexualities
- with psychiatric issues
…so this would be a good way to learn about those demographics. The main inspiration for this project was that meditation researcher Daniel Ingram asked if he could piggyback on my yearly survey to ask people about their meditation experiences, and although I was excited about this I shut SSC down before we got a chance to make this happen. This is for him and everyone else with similar needs.